iPhone and Spiritual Encouragement

So, I have this personal assistant I carry with me all the time… I have decided to use my iPhone to remind me of some important things… Things I want to walk in… Things I want to make priorities…. On my own, I can’t say that I have kept these things as high on the list as they should be… So, I’m using the reminders in my phone to help me keep my focus in the right place.

Most of these are things I felt God was underscoring to me over the last couple years (through teachings and personal time) as key core spiritual values.

Here are the reminders that come up on my phone each day. Some explanations are in parentheses.

6:00AM daily: Abide, Rest, Receive, and Practice Peace. (Things I want to do each day: Abide in Him, Rest in Him, be a good receiver of what He has for me, and practice peace.)

6:30AM Daily: Thanksgiving, Rejoicing. (Keys to being in the presence of God)

7:00am Monday prayer: Spirit of God…. It’s my intention to yield more completely today to your influence. Help me to walk there.

7:00am Tuesday prayer: Lord, what are the things that you would have me to step into (choose) today?

7:00am Wednesday prayer: Lord help me to connect with your kingdom today.

7:00am Thursday prayer: How do I agree with Heaven today?

7:00am Friday prayer: How can I cooperate and partner with You today?

7:00am Saturday prayer: Lord, I give you permission to release in me the things needed for me to walk out my calling.

7:00am Sunday prayer: Lord, please increase my awareness of your voice today.

7:45am daily: Remember the majesty of God…

2:00pm daily: Abide, Rest, Receive, and Practice Peace.

3:00pm daily: Contend. (To see some things become a reality, I may need to contend in prayer for them.)

5:00pm daily: Look for “Goodness and mercy” It’s following you. (Ps 23)

7:00pm daily: Remember where your citizenship lies…

8:00PM daily: Respond to God… don’t react to Circumstances. The issue at hand usually isn’t the real issue.

These reminders encourage me pursue a right focus and keep the main thing… the main thing. I’m finding as I keep these reminders before me I am more likely to walk in a good place. I am wanting to get better at responding to God in situations rather than reacting to the situations themselves. These reminders help me start in a better place. May it be so.

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