If I Tweeted…

Is it possible that God may be up to more than is currently included in my spiritual paradigm? Am I willing to expand my focus to fully get in on what He is doing?


What if “the way we’ve always done it” represents an old wine skin that can’t contain new wine… We need to be able to contain new works of God.


Jesus came for the poor in spirit. The poor in spirit are those that recognize they have a need. But, if you are “rich” and in need of nothing…..


What if “the issue really isn’t the issue,” What if the issue exists only to produce in me something that God wants to accomplish. Can I get to the place where I see the issue as a tool in Gods hands to produce fruit in me?


Seeking God with our whole heart is yielding more completely to His influence.


If “goodness and mercy will follow me All the days of my life…” I need to be on the lookout for it, even on the hard days.


It appears as though worry doesn’t improve my Circumstances… I’m not sure why I seem to rely on it so much.


I have heard it suggested that the Bible isn’t the meal… It’s the menu that describes the meal… Merely studying the Bible isn’t the point… Experiencing and walking in what is described in the Bible is the point… Perhaps we are to be doers of the Word.


Does your spiritual paradigm have a place in it for the Holy Spirit to interact with us?


The gap between my rational/natural understanding and what God says, is where faith is applied.


Preparing for the worst is a sign of low expectations. Low expectations is a sign of unbelief. Unbelief is generally rooted in a weak perception of who God is. Sounds like it would be a good idea to upgrade my perception of who God is.

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