Worship is a Weapon

When Hope seems to be in short supply and I allow myself to stop focusing on heavenly possibilities, and I begin to focus on earthly limitations. Stress and anxiety increase.

When times like this hit me and I begin to worry over details… I’m growing to believe that My response should center around worship and celebration. (This doesn’t come naturally for me).

You might remember in the Old Testament when the children of Israel when out to battle, the worshipers led the way (2 chronicles 20). Doesn’t it seem that worship should always be on the front line of our spiritual warfare strategy?

Maybe it’s a struggle over a situation at work, perhaps a family relationship, perhaps a financial issue… And our focus becomes fixed on the gap that exists between our expectations and the way things are currently. Despair sets in. What if things don’t turn out the way we had hoped?

Countering this wave of negative thoughts; as a point of engagement, I need to stop this cycle… and become proactive in the situation rather than passive. I don’t need to begin to analyze these thoughts and consider their merits. The first step is stop the cycle and address the spiritual realm. I need to take every thought captive and bring them into the obedience of Jesus… and then worship and rejoice… followed by reminding myself of the truth with some scriptural declarations.

God isn’t the author of confusion. That’s the enemy’s game… (or mine). Worship reorients my thinking. Worship is part of the “set your mind on the things above” mindset. Worship is part of abiding in Him… worship helps us connect again with the presence of God.

Three things… Take every thought captive, worship, and declarations of The truth. This needs to become a reflex.

May it be so.

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