Managing Life’s Trajectory

It occurs to me… that I need to be an effective trajectory manager. What sort of trajectory are you on?

Trajectory is the path followed by an object flying, or moving under the action of given forces. One aspect of a bullets performance is a description of its expected trajectory given certain circumstances. In other words…What path can we expect the projectile to travel…and where do we expect it to end up?

I had one of those “ah ha” moments recently… I need to be an effective manager of my life’s trajectory.

Most of life’s changes that I introduce are very small daily incremental changes…either for the better; and unfortunately, some for the worse. My daily activities really don’t seem to have a noticeable impact on my life at the moment. So it’s easy to feel that small changes today aren’t all that important. So, it’s easy to become “discouraged in well doing”… and grow more comfortable with compromise in what I do and think… because, what difference does it make anyway, right?

Perhaps I need to get better at seeing the importance of small improvements rather than only emphasizing the big ones. We have to evaluate the soundness of our decisions, not by immediate large results, but rather by what influences the small adjustments have on our life’s overall trajectory and what the long-term result of those decisions will be.

All of our choices, big and small, introduce forces that impact our life’s trajectory or outcome.

The consequences of bad choices don’t immediately reveal themselves… They emerge very slowly over time. And, the benefits of good behavior often don’t result in large immediate improvements. The results of good choices reveal themselves very slowly over time.

The question isn’t… where am I now? The question is where will my current patterns cause me to end up? We must begin with the end in mind…”Consider your ways” Hag 1:7… “Whatever a man sows so shall he reap.” Gal 6:7.

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