Spiritual Maturity

I wish I had understood this better year’s ago. Spiritual maturity is not wrapped up in what we know… It’s becoming more completely connected with who we ARE in Christ, and walking in intimacy with the Creator of Heaven and earth.

Connecting more with who we are in Christ causes an increased awareness of the spiritual realm… And brings about an ever increasing eternal perspective in which we begin to see things more from God’s point of reference… We begin too see more of what He sees.

Our goals are now shifting from those that are rooted in the values of this world to those rooted in the values of Heaven. We are moving toward values that are not temporal… that is, to those that will last forever. Our treasures are being built in Heaven now and not in the world that is passing away…

My life from a spiritual perspective should be characterized more by rest and trust than it is by striving and doing. (That’s one I’ve missed many times).

I’m not focused on cultivating a relationship with the organizational structure of the church… I’m focused on relationship with the person of Jesus. I’m not focused on the execution of the weekly religious form or ritual, I’m walking in relationship with the creator of Heaven and earth.

It’s easy to hide behind religious activity and what we know. But growing spiritually is not about religious activity or knowledge… It’s about walking in relationship with God. While I walk in relationship I may be involved in religious activity… But only those things God draws me into.

Many involved in religious activity have forgotten about relationship. The Pharisees did this. They forgot about the God that was behind the activities they were involved in. They were the most devoted to their religious system, but ultimately, they missed the point. Jesus called them whitewashed tombs. They looked good on the outside… But on the inside they were dead.

So, how well do I do at maintaining a correct focus? Some days I don’t do so well… But, I’m growing and connecting better in relationship and my perspective is evolving into what it should be. I’m in a better place today than I used to be. I expect to be in an even better place tomorrow.

Relationship is the focus. May it be so.

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