Clean Your Ears

Written October 2017:

The other day Kim told me I needed to go to Kroger and get my ears cleaned out… Yes, Kroger… I know, I thought the same thing.

Apparently, the little clinic there will remove your earwax buildup. Who knew? I guess I’ve been asking Kim to repeat herself too much lately. Or maybe she’s talking more quietly now. We may never know.

Just think about this… Tomatoes and earwax removal all under one roof. This amazes me. Modern society has come a long way. When I think of my ancestors who endured the hardships associated with traveling to one location for food and yet another for earwax removal, It makes me grateful I live in modern times. It also makes me grateful for the visionary that noticed this huge inconvenience and had the idea of consolidating these services.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday it’s good to remember the small things… and this is one of them.

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