Josiah Daniel

Facebook Post from November 18, 2016

Most of you know that our first grandson, Josiah Daniel, went straight to heaven on his birthday, October 26, 2016. It’s hard to think of another grief that is immediately preceded by such high expectations… So, this grieving grandfather has been praying and processing and asking God… how I should view this? What should my perspective be? What do I do with this? I know God is good… so that seems to be the most appropriate starting point.

For several days following Josiah’s passing I woke up early in the morning with these thoughts flooding my mind…I wrote them down to help me process them… I thought I would pass them along…

Salvation is a spiritual transaction. It’s not about becoming informed…it’s about becoming transformed…

When we get saved – old things pass away and all things are made new… We are now new creatures in Christ; positionally, we are placed “in Christ”. We now have “the mind of Christ.” Our citizenship is no longer of this world, but it’s of a higher place… we are now different.

One of our privileges as believers is to cultivate an ever increasing awareness of what’s true in heaven. We are to cultivate an ever increasing eternal perspective… Eternity after-all began for us at our point of salvation.

The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives offers an “open heaven” above us… and increases our ability to connect with God. As a result, our awareness of what’s true in heaven is increased… The gifts of the Spirit, to a large extent, are for the purpose of increasing our perception of what is true in the Heavenlies… Faith in part is looking past earthy circumstances to what is true in heaven and latching on to that. It’s seeing with my spiritual eyes the evidence of things hoped for.

Hearing the voice of God in our hearts increases our awareness of what’s true in heaven… Jesus said my sheep hear my voice.

Reading the Bible increases our awareness of what’s going on in heaven… The Bible isn’t a normal book, it’s not meant for mere academic evaluation, it’s a book that is spiritually appraised… it is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of the soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intension of the heart. Heb 4:12

And even when one of our loved ones leaves this earth and is transported into the heavenlies, it increases our sense of closeness with where our citizenship lies… it increases our awareness of what’s true in heaven. … After all, we now have a little boy that lives there and who will grow up there.

As I take a step back and broaden my perspective to where I’m no longer focused on this temporal life… and I begin to see things in light of eternity …My level of peace increases… When I focus on what I perceive myself to have lost… my sadness increases. I have been asking God to help me see what the gift to us is in Josiah’s life. I want to know what we have gained, not what we have lost. When I focus on “what the gift of God is” in this, I gain a sense of peace.

Graham Cooke mentioned in one of his teachings that the two most important questions asked by the disciples during Pentecost were: 1. what does this mean? and 2. What must I do? I’m asking God these questions about Josiah.

I want to know what God’s perspective is on this.

I want to know what Jesus is thinking about this.

I want to know what Jesus is praying to the Father about this.

I want to align myself with Jesus’ thoughts on this.

I want to pray what Jesus is praying about this.

We had so hoped that Josiah would have been allowed to stay with us a little bit longer… However, we do serve a “Good Good Father,” who is perfect in all of His ways. Josiah is in the best of hands. We rest in that…

I so look forward to the day we get to spend more time with Josiah. This thought encourages me even more to press in to better understand and connect with the Heavenly Father, and the place where my grandson lives… and where my citizenship lies.

May this experience cause the Hallum and Guido families to prosper and cause our relationships to be strengthened… may we choose to go deeper spiritually… and may we look forward with excitement to the days ahead when we welcome Josiah’s future siblings and cousins into our family… May it be so…

Josiah Daniel 2 – More in link below:

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