Christmas 2016

Posted on Facebook: December 16, 2016

During this Christmas season I’ve been more reflective than in past years. I find my thoughts often drawn to my grandson, Josiah Daniel, who will grow up in God’s presence… and I find myself wishing he could have spent more time here with us.

I believe that part of the fruit of Josiah’s short time on earth and part of God’s gift to me through him is a new encouragement and resolve to cultivate more of an eternal perspective…and to be more intentional about aligning my perspectives and thoughts with God’s.

I believe it would not be Josiah’s desire for his departure to defeat us… I’m certain he is hopeful that his departure will only strengthen our family…making us stronger than we were before.

I am reminded that this is the season where we celebrate God’s plan for our redemption. It’s God’s plan for our redemption that connects us with eternity. It’s our connection with eternity that offers a closeness with the Heavenly Father and a an increased awareness of our heavenly home… the place where our little boy now lives…

That is where I want my focus to be this December. We have much to be grateful for… May we all have a renewed sense of wonder and may we further cultivate an eternal perspective in this life as we celebrate Immanuel, God with us.

Post about Josiah Daniel:

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