Closed Doors: Becoming Offended with God.

I’ve run into my fair share of closed doors in the past year. As I have thought about each one, I am confronted with how I should perceive them. Are closed doors there because God doesn’t care? Has He forgotten about me? Am I justified in becoming offended with Him?

When I take a step back and remind myself of the true nature and character of God… and connect again with His Father’s heart towards me, I am compelled to see closed doors as a positive rather than a negative.

Perhaps closed doors are in fact God’s protection and divine direction. What are the things that I don’t know about the door I was planning on walking through? Do I have blind spots? Is God actually protecting me from harm? Is God reserving another path for me that might actually be better? What opportunity is He reserving for me that I’ve yet to discover?

I believe that God always wants to take me down the path of the greatest blessing. That’s who He is.

The starting point in my thought process should be: “God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.” God does not have a sadistic sense of humor. He’s not playing gotcha with me.

Each of us has a choice… We either allow our circumstances to influence our perception of who God is… Or, we allow who God is to influence our perception of our circumstances. We each get to choose our point of view.

May we all choose a reference point that considers who God really is. May it be so.

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