We are Creative – Practical Application

I recently posted that followers of Jesus are creative beings… See post here: https://davidhallum.blog/2018/01/15/we-are-creative/

That is, God is a creative being. God created us in his image. Therefore we are creative beings. Another thought I’ve touched on in the past is the notion that our words are connected to our hearts (Matt 12:34) – where our measure of faith resides. Our words therefore are a reflection of our measure of faith. This is an important association – our words and our faith are connected. So, verbal declarations can be a form of exercising our faith and of impacting the spiritual realm and the world around us…

What do I do with this information? How can I apply this?

Here is an idea…. Rather than verbally spouting off negative reports all the time…. I’m trying to make a practice of making verbal Biblical declarations, consistent with the truths of Heaven. That means I’m standing here and I’m saying/reading out loud the truths of Heaven, into the air around me. This action is a form of praying the prayer Jesus taught us… “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” In effect I’m calling down the conditions of Heaven to earth. I’m taking the truths of Heaven and speaking them out loud (when I’m alone, of course).

The church that my wife and I attend makes declarations over our finances in advance of collecting the offering each week. All of us stand up and we read declarations of blessing over our finances as a group. This also fits in well with what I’m saying.

I used to think that making positive confessions was a little bit on the dishonest side, because I didn’t see evidence of many of these truths in the world around me. However, I have come to the conclusion that declarations aren’t necessarily meant to align with what’s true in the world around me, declarations are intended to align with the truths of Heaven.

Does this feel a little weird? At first it did. However, as I’m connecting with the value of speaking the truth out loud, and exercising my faith in this fashion, it is feeling more natural.

The tool that I’m using for my personal declarations is a book called “Decree” by Patricia King. This book is filled with selections of declarations taken from scripture and intended to address several important areas. There are selections on blessing, favor, health and healing, financial provision, and blessings on my workplace, etc. To prompt me I have several alerts in my phone to remind me to do this when I reach certain destinations… I’m taking a few minutes, getting alone and doing declarations that apply to that location. (I actually have the Decree book on my phone).

I’m intending to impact the spiritual realm with The Truth in different locations. I intend to use the creative nature I’ve been given to impact the atmosphere around me.

It’s a form of exercising my faith… It’s a form of creating, its a form of exercising my authority as a believer. It’s a form of being salt and light in this world. Are we not after all emissaries of Heaven while on this earth? I think that’s the intent. May it be so…

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