More Reflections on Faith

Written August 31, 2017

How do I take this concept of faith and make it something more practical to step into… and less of an ethereal concept or something that I hear about, but rarely walk in?

If I’m confronted with a challenging situation… How can I establish a position of faith regarding it? How can I posture myself such that taking a position of faith and establishing a new place of hope is more possible?

When I consider the range of potential outcomes in a particular situation… Is that range of possibilities limited by what natural laws and typical earthly scenarios would suggest is likely? Or, does my range of potential outcomes factor in heavenly possibilities and the promises of God? It seems important through this process for my focus to be on who God IS and not the characteristics of the world that I live in.

The following seems to be key… When I take into consideration that God is a creative being.God creates things out of nothing. God spoke and the world came into existence. (Pause a minute, let’s repeat those lines). God is a creative being.God creates things out of nothing. God spoke and the world came into existence. When I consider my situation in connection with God’s creative nature, it then becomes more possible for me to expand the range of potential outcomes in my mind and heart to include outcomes beyond what natural laws or typical earthly patterns would suggest might happen.

Although, if I have allowed myself to believe that Christianity is merely an academic exercise… Where we study about the distant and impersonal God, who used to interact with people back in the day when he was getting ideas together for his book… Establishing a position of faith is more difficult in that place. If I am walking in an interactive relationship with the God who is there… A personal God… establishing a position of faith becomes more feasible.

I have to be willing to consider things beyond natural law… beyond typical earthly patterns. I have to believe in God’s creative involvement… It’s there that I consider what spiritual possibilities truly exist and how God’s promises can apply to me and my circumstances. It’s there that faith can bloom. May it be so.

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